Tina Harpold Photography photo sessions are relaxed, fun, and designed to reflect your personal styles. We’re not fans of stiff, formal posing—instead, we help you choose a location in the Green Bay, WI area or we’ll travel to a place you love that’s meaningful to you both—and work with your own natural movements and personalities. You’ll feel like celebrities as we create a custom look that captures your unique story that you can proudly display as artwork in your home.

Every story is different.
I’d love to schedule a consultation and hear yours.

As a dancer I know exactly what it feels like to experience a dance, but I never get to see the finished product of my performance. I can only believe what others tell me. I recently got the opportunity to see myself through Tina’s lens and it changed the way I see dance. I had no idea I looked as alive as I felt; and I wouldn’t have known that if Tina hadn’t so artistically captured each moment in real time.

– Azure